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gard,provence,homes,Uzès,Montfrin,Pont-du-Gard,gard,leisure,vacation,provence,midi,languedoc-roussillon,gard,provence,Uzès,Montfrin,Pont-du-Gard,gard,leisure,vacation,provence,midi,languedoc-roussillon,gard,provence,Uzès,Montfrin,Pont-du-Gard,gard,leisure,vacation,provence,midi,languedoc-roussillon  - Français

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The Gard

gard,provence,homes,Uzès,Montfrin,Pont-du-Gard,gard,leisure,vacation,provence,midi,languedoc-roussillon,gard,provence,Uzès,Montfrin,Pont-du-Gard,gard,leisure,vacation,provence,midi,languedoc-roussillon,gard,provence,Uzès,Montfrin,Pont-du-Gard,gard,leisure,vacation,provence,midi,languedoc-roussillonThe Gard belonges politically to the region Languedoc Roussillon will, however, "climatic geographically" it counts as a part of the Provence - limited in the west by Alès. The department Gard (30) has a surface of 5.853 km ². The capital is Nîmes with approx. 140 ' 000 inhabitants founded by the Romans and it's tracks still be there in form of well retained architectural monuments like the temple and the vast Amphytheater. Particularly to mention is Pont-du-Gard (see further below!) in this respect, whose Aequaduct served the city of Nimes with fresh water.

The “Capitelles” (stone houses): The principle of these buildings of stones is very old and it is gard,provence,homes,Uzès,Montfrin,Pont-du-Gard,gard,leisure,vacation,provence,midi,languedoc-roussillon,gard,provence,Uzès,Montfrin,Pont-du-Gard,gard,leisure,vacation,provence,midi,languedoc-roussillon,gard,provence,Uzès,Montfrin,Pont-du-Gard,gard,leisure,vacation,provence,midi,languedoc-roussillonimpossible to date their origin exactly. The oldest copies originate from the 17. century and witness the patient and careful work of the "church-mouse-poor" farmers, who possessed hardly something. For the original inhabitants of the "Garriques" (heath landscape), the Capitelles meant far more than simple accommodations: They were their only possession and the proof that they could call it their own property.

Pont-du-Gard: The Pont du Gard was built shortly before the Christian era to allow the aqueduct of Nîmes to cross the Gard river and supply Nîmes with fresh water. The Roman architects and hydraulic engineers who designed this bridge, almost 50 m high and is on three levels – the longest measuring 275 m – created a technical as well as an artistic masterpiece. This site is classified as a UNESCO world heritage! It is considered as the the best retained roman bridge construction work world-wide. gard,provence,homes,Uzès,Montfrin,Pont-du-Gard,gard,leisure,vacation,provence,midi,languedoc-roussillon,gard,provence,Uzès,Montfrin,Pont-du-Gard,gard,leisure,vacation,provence,midi,languedoc-roussillon,gard,provence,Uzès,Montfrin,Pont-du-Gard,gard,leisure,vacation,provence,midi,languedoc-roussillonThe Aequaduct, which led daily 22'000 m3 water after Nimes, was used also as road bridge over the wild Gardon, which labelled the department (Gard). Everyone who visits this site, is overwhelmed and impressed about the genious engineering work of the roman ancestors. The strength of the building withstanded many of vast floodings by the Gardon river, the last one happening in September 2002 without damaging the bridge Pont-du-Gard although other places on the same river faced severe destructions on bridges, roads and forests. One can read the record high water level in September 2002 from a sign attached at the cliff off the bridge "Saint-Nicolas" south of Uzès.

Petite Camargue: The southernmost part of the Gard is part of the well-known former swampland, gard,provence,homes,Uzès,Montfrin,Pont-du-Gard,gard,leisure,vacation,provence,midi,languedoc-roussillon,gard,provence,Uzès,Montfrin,Pont-du-Gard,gard,leisure,vacation,provence,midi,languedoc-roussillon,gard,provence,Uzès,Montfrin,Pont-du-Gard,gard,leisure,vacation,provence,midi,languedoc-roussillonthe Rhonedelta "Camargue". There you find the flashy tourist and bathing resort grau du Roi with a large yachting port among other spots at the Mediterranean coast. Close by somewhat further east with Aigues Mortes you can visit one of the largest saltworks of France to the feeding and salt extractionsalt extraction salt extraction visit and visit. In the many brackwater lakes you can observe from the roadside many water birds together with the omnipresent flamingos.

gard,provence,Uzès,Montfrin,Pont-du-Gard,gard,leisure,vacation,provence,midi,languedoc-roussillon,gard,provence,Uzès,Montfrin,Pont-du-Gard,gard,leisure,vacation,provence,midi,languedoc-roussillon,gard,provence,Uzès,Montfrin,Pont-du-Gard,gard,leisure,vacation,provence,midi,languedoc-roussillon,Cirques de Navacelles, Gard, FranceCirque de Navacelles: This strangely encircled small accumulation of a few houses is located somewhat southwest of Le Vigan.The best view is from the roadside D713 on the plateau (Causse). Water eroded this approximately 300 meters deep, on three sides locked valley into the tableland and built this  remarkable landmark.