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information,drôme,provence,montelimar,valence,nougat,provence,touristic,vacation,holidays,provence,information,drôme,provence,montelimar,valence,nougat,provence,touristic,vacation,holidays,provence,information,drôme,provence,montelimar,valence,nougat,provence,touristic,vacation,holidays,provence  - Français

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The Drome

information,drôme,provence,montelimar,valence,nougat,provence,touristic,vacation,holidays,provence,information,drôme,provence,montelimar,valence,nougat,provence,touristic,vacation,holidays,provence,information,drôme,provence,montelimar,valence,nougat,provence,touristic,vacation,holidays,provenceThe extremely varied landscapes of the Department Drôme form a multi­colored kaleidoscope between Rhône­valley, pre alpes and the Provence and is considered as the gate for the me­di­terranean south of France. The Drôme is equi­valent lone­ly tableland, steep rock cliffs and dense forest. The Ver­cors massif is today equal for an eldorado of intact nature. The Drome is a medium sized french de­part­ment with approx. 6'500 km2 surface. The Drome was settled and ur­banized al­ready 200 years b.C. by the Romans as can be observed by many retained remains. Today there are still nume­rous con­tem­po­rary wit­nesses of this cultural epoch.

Liquid gold: Around Nyons is the most important “AOC” region for the cultivation of oliveproducts in France. The area is pro­tected on the east, the south and the north by moun­tains lock­ing the fierce "mistral" and offers ideal micro­climate for the culti­vation of olive trees. Nearly one quarter million olive trees of the sort „Tanche “ to prosper leave. Their large black fruits result in annually ~ 2'500 tons high quality olive oil bear­ing the AOC label of origin „Huile de Nyons“.

Black gold:TUBER MELANOSPORUM“ or black truffle is usually discovered by trained dogs or pigs. They prosper under a special kind of oak and are up to 20 cm under the earth's surface. „The black information,drôme,provence,montelimar,valence,nougat,provence,touristic,vacation,holidays,provence,information,drôme,provence,montelimar,valence,nougat,provence,touristic,vacation,holidays,provence,information,drôme,provence,montelimar,valence,nougat,provence,touristic,vacation,holidays,provencediamond“, as the black truffle is also called, is sold on the local markets from middle of november till middle of march at prices of varying from 700 to more than 1'000 € per kg. The "dark information,drôme,provence,montelimar,valence,nougat,provence,touristic,vacation,holidays,provence,information,drôme,provence,montelimar,valence,nougat,provence,touristic,vacation,holidays,provence,information,drôme,provence,montelimar,valence,nougat,provence,touristic,vacation,holidays,provencegrey tubers" are on display in the car trunk, examined expertly and put on pre­cision balance , the price negotiated and then the cash changes the owner. Numerous restaurants and truffle festivals (in Riche­renches in the neighbouring Vaucluse) offer culinary highlights during the truffle­season with various truffle dishes. Weekly provence markets with truffle can be found in places like St. Paul les trois Chateaux, Richerenches, Carpentras a.m.o.

information,drôme,provence,montelimar,valence,nougat,provence,touristic,vacation,holidays,provence,information,drôme,provence,montelimar,valence,nougat,provence,touristic,vacation,holidays,provence,information,drôme,provence,montelimar,valence,nougat,provence,touristic,vacation,holidays,provencePink gold: With „Lavandula angustifolia“ an almost unlimited application field is co­vered from lavender-soap to "chocolate mousse with lavender decoration". Laven­der is cultivated on very meager and dry grounds and in many very steep areas where no other agriculture plants have a chance to prosper and produce an economic in­come. On the Lavendelroute of the Drôme you can explore everything about the culti­vation, the harvesting and the application of lavender products.

Wine lover: Tain Hermitage is a well-known AOC wine region and famous for its red wines produced from Syrah grapes. It's terraces over the left side northern Rhônetal are fully exposed south and pro­tected from the cold, and sometimes fierce "Mistral". In the Drome valley they cultivate/produce the "Clairette" from "muscat" grapes which is beloved by "wine connaisseurs"! More south in the "Coteaux du Tri­castin" you'll find rosé, white and red wines.

information,drôme,provence,montelimar,valence,nougat,provence,touristic,vacation,holidays,provence,information,drôme,provence,montelimar,valence,nougat,provence,touristic,vacation,holidays,provence,information,drôme,provence,montelimar,valence,nougat,provence,touristic,vacation,holidays,provenceNougat from Montélimar: The world famous nougat is a delicious, sweet product made from almonds, lavender honey and egg white and is protected whith an AOC label of origin. Today there are still more than one dozen of producers following old de­livered prescriptions. You may like it softly or hard, white or dark, with or without can­died fruits!